Driving to Wyoming

The drive from Rapid City to Jackson was very pretty. We went through bursts of tall evergreens and flat grasslands. We passed long coal trains, lots of cattle, ranches, and large groupings of strange rock formations.

Driving to Wyoming

Driving to Wyoming

Driving to Wyoming

We arrived in the Jackson Hole area in the early evening, and were wowed by our first view of the Tetons, from a scenic overlook with warnings of bear sightings! (Yes, I was in full Parent Trap mode.) We also encountered a local traffic jam — a large group traveling through the area on horseback!

Scenic overlook of Tetons

Grand Tetons

Jackson Hole traffic






  1. Some of the most beautiful parts of the US! I hope you’ll be staying a while, only cuz I wish I could. Devil’s Tower is a cool site, as is Yellowstone (aside from the Grand Tetons). Best tax dollar expenditure ever.



    1. Hey Daphne! We took vacation while visiting Wyoming and didn’t get a chance to post in real time. We spent 4 days in Jackson, and it was awesome! We both loved Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. Photos coming soon. I agree, it was so beautiful! Thanks for checking out the blog!



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