Farewell Iowa!

We had a great final week in Iowa! We watched a Mutton Bustin’ competition at the Linn County Fair (kids riding sheep!), went to a BBQ festival at the amphitheater (chatted with a pitmaster from Norfolk!), saw the last remaining Frank Lloyd Wright-designed hotel (it opened in 1910!), and had lunch at one of the few Valentine diners in America (just 10 seats!).

Linn County Fair, Iowa

BBQ Roundup, Cedar Rapids

BBQ Roundup, Cedar Rapids

Historic Park Inn

Suzie Q Diner, Mason City, Iowa

The Airbnb we stayed in was featured in the local paper while we there. Our host saved the 120-year-old house from demolition and then turned it into a shop with an apartment on the second floor. The house was full of cool upcycled decorations. My favorite piece was an old globe stand that was made into a paper towel holder.

Heart House

Heart House, Cedar Rapids


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